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Port of Oakland (3 images)


Last night we went on a 90 minute Port of Oakland tour and it was fantastic!  At first I was wondering if it was going to happen because it had literally rained all day long; but one hour before our tour, the rain magically stopped and the clouds parted!  (Click on the pictures to see high resolution).

The Port of Oakland was the first major port on the Pacific Coast of the United States to build terminals for container ships, and it’s now the fifth busiest container port in the United States.

The tour departed from Jack London Square in Oakland and traveled down the estuary which is between the Cities of Alameda and Oakland toward the Bay Bridge.  I was really excited that we got as close as we did to the bridge.  You can see San Francisco there just beyond this portion of the bridge which is the western portion.

The cranes that lift the cargo containers from the ships were quite big.   I’ve always thought they looked like something out of a sci-fi adventure and half expect them to start wading down the estuary.  “Attack of the Cranes” sounds like an upcoming movie doesn’t it?

See the bow of the boat?  I was on the right hand side most of the tour.  I started off inside but knew I didn’t want to take pictures through a window, so I’m glad I headed out there shortly after the boated departed for the tour because it became completely crowded up there.  I took a lot of pictures but thought I’d share these two (besides the boat) for now since they’re the only ones I’ve worked on.

The tour is FREE….yes FREE!  Amazing!  I’m glad I discovered this because our tour was the second to the last tour of the year.  I’m not sure when they start up again but I’m assuming sometime in late spring or early summer.   You can check out more about the port and find out about the tour here.

Hope you enjoy!

Western Span Bay Bridge - Port of Oakland Tour

Western Span Bay Bridge – Port of Oakland Tour


The Cranes



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Journey of a Body on this Earth

45 thoughts on “Port of Oakland (3 images)

  1. I love cranes and I really love that photo Laura.

  2. The cranes really do seem otherworldly. Great photos as always Laura. ❤️

  3. That’s where George Lucas got the idea for his walking things in Star Wars… Never saw one of those movies

  4. Really beautiful Laura! I love these colors!

  5. Beautiful shots. I particularly like the cranes. The colours are amazing!

  6. The second image is stunning! Well done Laura.

  7. stunning pics, wow those cranes ARE Huge, that tour is a brilliant one, I think they run one occasionally in Melbourne, but I have never done it, good that it is free too

  8. The colours are amazing! Love your work. I always look forward to your posts.

  9. Wow, free, free tour!! The Cranes look like they are ready to take off to outer space. 🙂 An awesome shot! 🙂

  10. Yes, the inspiration for the AT-ATs, George Lucas’ killer robot firing squad from Star Wars. Every time I see these I smile. Great shot, Laura.

  11. All wonderful. Hey, ho.

  12. The tour is FREE….yes FREE!

  13. #1 and #2 are breathtaking. Love the light and the vivid colors. In the earlier days of my blog I posted a “Fight of Cranes”, no “Attack of the Cranes”. But I had similar feelings viewing the image. If you are interested: Funny name for a ship. It sounds like my fav place to be. Smiles. Reinhold

    • Those cranes were the inspiration for George Lucas’s Star Trek. Lucas Films is in the Bay Area. I should’ve mentioned that in the text. Duhhh. Thanks Reinhold. #3 was just inserted to see the boat. The clouds hadn’t parted yet and it was very grey. Your crane picture is creative!

  14. I love the colours in the first two images. Have you thought of going back to shoot a long exposure of the same scene?

  15. Free tours! Right on.
    Love the two pics you chose to work on – different vibes – completion vs progress and both with beauty!

  16. This is quality, love it 😀 the light on the one shot with the cranes.. very beautiful 🙂

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