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Emeryville Marina


A few days ago my camera club and I went to the Emeryville Marina to take pictures.   Zooming into the Golden Gate Bridge would’ve been ok, but I knew that’s what others would do and I wanted to do something different.  Of course!  So I came up with this.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Looking Out - Emeryville Marina

Looking Out – Emeryville Marina


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

67 thoughts on “Emeryville Marina

  1. what great colours! like the way the foreground is lit

  2. Wow that is amazing! I love this photo!!

  3. Brava!! Glorious sunset and how you edited this hands down, a masterpiece!! ❤

  4. Hi Laura, I love the treatment and the way the light paints the flowers in the foreground. Warm and inviting.

  5. What a cracking image Laura

  6. Sometimes the un-walked path is the best way to appreciate the view. (yes my internet is back)

  7. Taking the other path certainly worked here (as it most opften does).

  8. I know the exact location you took this photo!

  9. Taking my breath away!

  10. Love your composition, Laura. Great choice.

  11. Wonderful photo Laura, the colours are beautiful!

  12. More art. Top stuff, Laura.

  13. You sure did come up with something different .. Wow

  14. I can’t even. Wow, this is gorgeous!

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  16. I really like how you used and emphasized your foreground here. And your long exposure added a little sense of serenity.

  17. Wonderful sunset and I love the foreground interest.

  18. Great perspective on the bridge. It’s interesting to see it a minor player in a photograph instead of center stage. You succeeded at doing something different.

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