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Bodega Bay


The other day Dave and I went to Bodega Bay and oh what glorious weather we had!  It can be very foggy and cold there so when it’s nice out, it’s worth a trip there to enjoy the beauty without the inclement weather.

You might recognize the name Bodega Bay because Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” was filmed there.  We didn’t go up there to be attacked by birds though haha….I wanted to take a picture of a fishing vessel that had run ashore on Salmon Creek Beach just a couple of months ago in September.  I had seen pictures of this boat just a few weeks ago where the vessel was a lot more vertical.  It seems the waves are making it tip a bit and I’m glad I was able to get it before the whole thing possibly goes sideways!

Should you wish to read about how the boat was abandoned and how the captain tried to flee, you can read about the boat and what happened here:  I’ve also included a small gallery of iPhone photos just for fun.  They are not that great but I thought you might be interested and I’ve included a map to show where Bodega Bay is in relation to San Francisco.

Salmon Creek Abandoned Boat

Salmon Creek Abandoned Boat


Gallery of iPhone photos:




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Journey of a Body on this Earth

54 thoughts on “Bodega Bay

  1. Lovely, looks like a nice area to visit.

  2. Awesome photo of the fishing boat, love the use of long exposure. I hope you had a chance to get some chowder at Spud Point.

    • Thanks Steven. I’m glad you’re like what I did. Unfortunately I can’t have dairy so chowder is out. :-(. We just stopped for a glass of wine and shared some appetizers.

  3. loving the black bird in the broken window

  4. Great picture of the boat, the sky and lighting looks incredible.

  5. what a wonderous place………….love the bird hehehe great pic

  6. We visited on a trip up the coast from San Francisco, after a trade show – lovely place. Nice photo.

  7. That vessel looks like its floating on foam. So well done, Laura of the first photo. It looks unreal. Hope no birds chased you all around 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m loving doing these long exposures! We did have one seagull that was very friendly. His name is Albert! I heard he has a name and they know him because he’s banded. Friendly little guy. 🙂

  8. The fishing boat photo is just fabulous, great job, Laura…

  9. The boat image is more like a beautiful painting. Love the clouds, too. 🙂

  10. Did you go to Dillon beach? Only private beach… Clean!

    • No…we just went to this one. I know that’s a nice one but we specifically went for me to take pics of the boat. We had to get home for the Warriors!! We made it within 30 minutes too. Lots of traffic on 37.

  11. Very nice photo, Laura. I may have mentioned before, but I stayed overnight in Bodega Bay in 1979. I remember it being socked in when we got up to leave in the morning.

    • Thanks Dan. I don’t think you’ve mentioned it but let’s pretend you didn’t because I don’t remember lol. It really does get socked in even more than the sunset district in SF! Well almost. 😉

      • We were on our way to SF but it was during the gas crisis and stations were shutting early in Sunday. We needed gas, but bond were open. We stayed in a very sketch motel. Cottage style rooms built about 2 feet off the ground. A bit creepy.

  12. Wow! These are terrific images but that top one-superb👌

  13. Awesome place! 🙂 That Hitchcock film is one i will never dare show to the parrots who live with us; i don’t want to give them any negative ideas! 🙂

  14. I’m saying as I looked at your picture, …. is that real or is that a pic of a pic? Laura, that is so amazing what you did, the effects are just so cool! How you are playing in PS is blowing me away. And the crow I laughed out loud! LOL

  15. The fishing boat is striking against that sky. I enjoyed the bird and ‘The Birds’ photos too!

  16. Love the main image Laura, cannot fault it, MM 🍀

  17. Wonderful shots. The Birds was one of my favorite scary movies. I don’t know how many times I watched it.

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