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One Photo Focus – November 2016


It’s One Photo Focus time!  We were provided a beautiful image from Julie Powell to edit this month.  Thanks Julie!  This was a beautiful image to work on.  Honestly I looked at it and thought, it’s perfect as it is!  I love Julie’s photography and her artful creations, so I hope you all check out her blog.  I think you’ll like what you see there.

Thanks to Stacy for coordinating this challenge!  Please check out the entire the entire challenge with everyone’s edits on Stacy’s blog by clicking here.

The Process  – Screenshot of Photoshop Layers is also attached:

1.  Imported into Lightroom and slightly straightened the image so the bottle could be exactly vertical then opened in Photoshop.

2.  In Photoshop I created color fill layer masks for the flowers, vase, and chair.  Used a level adjustment mask for the leaves to brighten them up.

3.  Used a clipping noise gradient mask over the chair to make it “not so perfect”.

4.  Added a texture as a layer, reduced opacity to 77% and masked out the flower, and some of the bottle and chair.

5.  Used a pattern fill with a blending mode of “lighter color” over the entire image.  You can also think of this as applying a texture over the entire image.  Reduced opacity to 70% and fill to 36%

6.  Added a brightness layer except for the bottle which I masked out.

7.  Added a ND gradient filter at the bottom right-hand corner of the image to dry your eye more to the chair.

8.  Added a curves layer to further brighten things up.

9.  Added a Hue/Saturation layer and reduced the saturation of the red just a bit.

10. Added a levels mask to increase lights and reduce blacks just a bit.

Hope you enjoy it!

OPF - November 2016 - Edited by Laura Macky

OPF – November 2016 – Edited by Laura Macky

Julie Powell's Original

Julie Powell’s Original


Screenshot of Photoshop Document

Screenshot of Photoshop Document

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Journey of a Body on this Earth

52 thoughts on “One Photo Focus – November 2016

  1. what a gorgeous shade of blue. Amazing that the changing of one color changes the entire photo. Looks good, Laura.

  2. Great edit, Laura! I need to print off your list and research how to do some of those things! My PS skills are sorely lacking!

  3. Good idea – like the inclusion of the screen shot

  4. Nicely done color changes.

  5. Thank you for descrbing your process, Laura. I like the change in colour too. The yellow and blue are complmentary (IMHO).

  6. Nice edit… I am not a PS nor LR user, I agree that editing may bring a plus to photos but I have chosen to keep to my “first shot” :)….

  7. Love the result, Laura! Great light, shade, and texture, the ND gradient filter added a cool addition.

  8. Your editing skills are amazing! You did a great job and completely transformed the picture.

  9. I like the way your colors pop compared to the original. In the original everything just kind of blends together.

  10. I like how we both choose to change colors. Although different items got changed. Wonderful edits 😀 😀

  11. Beautiful. Your edits create quite a transformation.

  12. interesting take on this month’s image, very cool Laura

  13. Unbelievable what you created!!! I cannot believe your knowledge of PS. How I gawked at this and in reading your explanation I opened my PS and could not find the mask icon. I was stumped. Then I saw I was not singed in to Creative Cloud and low and behold I had PS 2017 to update. Are they ever going to quit adding new? How do you keep up? I’m in awe of your knowledge base and what you can create. I so want to learn so I’m thinking this winter with more time on my hands I ‘ll learn. I’m updating right now my PS. Just LOVED this, LOVED it, Laura!! Thank you for taking the time to tell us how you did it. Nice job!!! ❤

  14. your stamp on it, came up a treat.

  15. Your explanation is mostly Greek to me. Maybe once I retire I’ll take the time to learn Photoshop! 🙂 Until then I’ll just marvel at your work!

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