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Journey of a body on this earth

Sometimes She’s Bold


Woah…I posted this at first without text…inadvertently.  I’m having some WP issues today!

I did want to say that this image was taken from Fort Baker on the northern side of the Golden Gate Bridge.  The light was awful if you can believe it. The bridge was almost silhouetted!   Just goes to show what Photoshop can do on a RAW image.

Here I was experimenting with blending modes and selections, so this is what I ended up with!

She's Bold

She’s Bold


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

44 thoughts on “Sometimes She’s Bold

  1. She’s bold, you’re bold. Excellent photo Laura! I was just on the beautiful GG Bridge yesterday afternoon as the sun was setting. It was unusually clear and the sun was sinking into the Pacific–there must’ve been three dozen appreciative tourists with their cellphones snapping photos. A bridge so bold that none of us can get enough of her….

    • Ohhh that sounds really lovely yesterday! I love what you said there at the end. It’s so true! How many shots of her do I have? You’d think I was a tourist! I had a camera club event scheduled for tomorrow at Fort Point but I had to move it. Tomorrow is rain. Thanks so much for your comments!

  2. I love Photoshop. Many a iffy image I’ve made into something useable, if not creatively pretty. I love this!

  3. It’s a dramatic image Laura……i think because of the sky

  4. Beautiful and boldly done, Laura! Wow. Would not have guessed the light was falling the wrong way. Amazing red against such a warm sky. Photoshop 👌

  5. Great composition! Love the tone!

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  7. NICE!!! The bridge actually looks like it is touching the sky! Very cool perspective. The tones and colors all working together making this a very incredible image. Loved it, Laura! ❤

  8. Another beautiful image! Your sky is amazing 😊.

  9. Hey – I came here for bold and sexy and well….
    Nice clear and robust shot!

  10. Great job .. Wish I didn’t find PS so daunting 😃

  11. Your shot is mezmerizing Laura! Love it!

  12. Wow!! I love this image, Laura!

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