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Journey of a body on this earth

Happiness is…..


……standing on a beach waiting for a sunset.  Here again is Moonstone Beach, but this time before sunset.  Oh how I adore the beach!  Please click on the image to see full resolution.  Thank you!

Happiness Is... @ Moonstone Beach

Happiness Is… @ Moonstone Beach


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

78 thoughts on “Happiness is…..

  1. Beautiful seascape Laura. 😀

  2. I am happiest when I am at the ocean. Your photos capture the magic and the mystery of being by the sea. (luckily I live only three miles from the ocean)

  3. Beautiful…..thanks. That’s why I loved living in San Clemente…………….the beach and the ocean….captivating and the ocean ever changing.

  4. gorgeous- as is all your photography!

  5. The beautiful cloudscape, warm color of the rocks, and the waves… so perfect, yet so beautiful! ❤ 🙂

  6. I love the pre-sunset colours. The clouds and waves in the ocean definitely add something extra. Taking pictures along the coast is so much fun; I wish I could do it more often!

  7. oOo…I really like this one.

  8. You love that beach! I’m down in San Diego…

  9. You had great light and picked a wonderful place to frame your composition Laura. It’s gorgeous!

  10. We don’t get sunset in Delhi anymore. We get smogset!

  11. Gorgeous! I’d love to visit this beach some day.

  12. very beautiful beachy imagery, laura!
    memories of cal poly undergrad yrs 🙂

  13. Gorgeous, I would love to be there!

  14. You’ve taken my breath away with this one, Laura. LOVE the way you framed this image on both angle and content. Beautiful just beautiful! ❤

  15. me too, wish I lived near one…one that was not frozen. Beautiful as always Laura!

  16. Something about the ocean. Can be so beautiful and powerful.

  17. Happiness is everything. A very nice picture, Laura.

  18. Golden light….so beautiful. Love to look at these wonderful warm shots as we enter into winter up here in Toronto. Summer is a lifetime away for us. Have a great Christmas, all the best to you

  19. Happiness is indeed standing on a beach and experience sunset. I have never been to Moonstone Beach, though.

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  21. Wow its a nice beach. Can i have a little favor?its for my school requirement. Can you visit my site and follow me?I will gladly Aprreciate it much! You can also suggest thing that would make my blog better. Thank you.Have a Good day!

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