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What do you love about Christmas?


I thought it would be fun create a Christmas-themed post called “Christmas Cheer” with pictures from all of you and to find out what each of YOU love about Christmas.  This is the first time I’ve ever tried a post with everyone submitting something, and I hope you will join me in spreading Christmas cheer this year!   So how does this work?  It’s simple

  • Create a post on your blog and answer the question “What do you love about Christmas?”  Title the post “Christmas Cheer”.
  • Include a photo that represents Christmas to you.  It can be a literal photo of a Christmas present as the one I took below or something more abstract, whatever you like!  It must be your own photo though.
  • Schedule your post for December 20th at 8 am PST which is when my post will go live.
  • Email me at your image renamed with your last name and resized to 1000 px longest side.
  • In the email, please include the link to your blog post.  If I don’t get your link, I won’t be able to figure out what blog you are and won’t be able to include your photo in my post.


Please double check to make sure all items above have been completed and then you are done!   If you have any questions, please email me at  Thanks everyone!  And ho ho ho!



Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

58 thoughts on “What do you love about Christmas?

  1. delightful…love the colours…

  2. Ribbons and bows! I like the dots..

  3. How wonderful of you to host this festive event, Laura.

  4. What do I love about Christmas? Your photos, but I also love them all year long…..Merry Christmas Laura~

  5. Such a cool idea Laura. OK, now I have to work on my pic!

  6. Beautiful bokeh present, Laura. Fun idea about Christmas…. 🎄

  7. Very cool, Laura! Thank you for giving us enough time to work on it. 🙂

  8. Two things I like abut Christmas are your GORGEOUS holiday banner and the lovely bokeh effect on the photo of the present.

  9. sounds like fun…….I’ll see what I can rustle up by then

  10. ♫♪it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas ♪♫♪

  11. Childhood awe and splendor.

  12. Christmas? Kids home! Messing up my nice, little routine!

  13. presenting a prompt we can all unpack – will inform my camera

  14. Great idea – I will have to put a note on my calendar to remember to do this!!!

  15. Christmas? Bah! Humbug! (Of course I’ll participate. But I won’t enjoy it!)

    • I appreciate the extreme sacrifice! 😀

      • I already wrote it. Now I just have to find a photo that truly represents how I feel about it!

        • That’s great! I need to do mine too. Probably this weekend! I find it funny that no one commented on the christmas package I took that I used for the blog post. I think it’s one of the better shots I’ve ever taken. Really strange!

          • Laura, you’ve got so many great shots that we are spoiled and just take it for granted. Personally I like your landscapes best, though I did like this gift shot with the bokeh. But maybe, everyone who saw it on here had already seen it elsewhere and just figured they had already commented. Or liked.

          • Thanks for those comforting words. I think I’m having a lousy day. All this trump stuff has got me stressed and depressed. I’m glad you enjoy my landscapes. I love going to these beautiful places! Hope you have a good night. And thanks again. 😊😊

          • I was so depressed yesterday from the news (all Trumpishness) that I went to bed at 8:30 at night and slept on and off till 6 am!

          • I made a post yesterday on FB ranting about it. I deleted it later. When will learn not to post about it. Sometimes I just can’t help myself! I hope we can take the next four years. I guess I need to not follow the news so often. 😦

          • My problem is that Lynn reads the news constantly. So I can’t escape it.

          • Yeah I do too. I’m listening now! Dave is so tired of it but I’m addicted.

          • Yes, the way of it. The best shot i posted in the last two months got the least likes.

            Laura, no Christmas at my house but want to say that visiting your blog has always beem a pleasure. Merry Christmas to you and all.

          • Thanks robert. How about happy holidays.

  16. What do I love about Christmas? Knowing you are my friend as beautiful as that box. Would love to participate but … TIME. 😙😙😙

  17. Sounds like fun. But. How does one get a link for one’s own post that hasn’t yet been published?

  18. Hi Laura, I just emailed you a photo for this theme. Hope it works.

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