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Journey of a body on this earth


Entertainment Courtesy of the White Tailed Kites

** To see the photos with less blur, please click on the first one and then advance with arrow.  Just looking at the gallery all at once here shows them blurrier than they are **

Every morning and evening white tailed kites fly around our deck screeching.  The pair of kites had babies recently and the babies are huge. We think there are three babies and think they’re still learning how to master flying as sometimes they look kind of shaky in the air.  Every day they’re improving though and I often wonder how long they’ll be around once they are able to hunt for themselves.  The babies are the ones with a rust-colored chest.  The ones without the rust-colored chest are the adults.

Check out the acrobatic shots…such as they are.  It wasn’t that easy to get sharp shots especially since my 300mm lens isn’t the fastest.  All images are aggressively cropped and shot at ISO 640.   I have a lot to learn about shooting birds but it’s fun trying.  Please pardon the blur.   (The second to the last shot shows some finches and a hummingbird.)



It’s the little things in life…

It’s been so incredibly hot here lately.  Ugh!  The heat along with the California fires and the world news are enough for me to throw my hands up in the air.  But then all of a sudden something makes me smile…

This little guy was so cute sitting on this fence, and I swear he was looking at me!   Don’t you think?   He had such an innocent look about him too which is a look that’s hard not to feel good about.  🙂

I find that it’s the little things in life that make me smile.  Hope you are smiling today!





I’m feeling a bit flighty

I’m not a bird photographer and my longest lens is a 300mm.  I did the best I could with these in post as they were taken quite a distance away and are severely cropped but it’s so fun watching these birds carry quite large branches up to the tree across the fairway where they’re building a nest.   We can’t see the nest because of where it is in a tree but they’ve been building all day long, pulling branches from a willow tree and flying to the nest.  Sometimes they pull huge branches and can’t quite make it up to the nest so they drop the branch and try again.  So cool!

Still resting my eyes.  I definitely notice more twitching when I’m looking at the computer screen.  Hopefully this goes away soon!