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Bay Area Fly Over

Dave and I got the coolest gift from his daughter and her husband…a plane flight over the Bay Area through SF Air Tours.  We scheduled our flight for sunset and I’m so glad we did.  The light was absolutely incredible and shockingly no fog!  Well there was a bit of haze and light fog on the coast outside the Golden Gate but it only added to the beauty.

Let me say that these pictures are not that great.  Unfortunately the windows were not the type where you can take crisp pictures through them plus I discovered how mistakenly easy it is to change the ISO on my camera!  It’s so pathetically easy that I have to assign that button somewhere else.  Evidently this is a common thing that happens with this camera and I got to experience it first-hand.   Anyway, without going into all the drama that ensued with me trying to adjust settings on my new camera in a plane that’s moving….lol….here they are for your viewing pleasure.  I’ve tried captioning most all of them so you know what you’re looking at.

Just fyi, I’ll be off my blog starting Saturday for about 10 days on a break.  I’ll be back at the end of July!


Oakland Aviation Museum

Yesterday I took my camera club to the Oakland Aviation Museum.  I’d been here before but it’d been probably over a year.  There’s so much history about aviation at this museum, so I included some information about it down below for those who are interested.

May I first start by saying my admission fee was for a SENIOR CITIZEN?????  LOL!  It was my very first discount as a senior.  I’m not sure whether I should laugh or cry.  😛

When I started taking pictures of all the planes I realized that images would be mere snapshots, so I started wandering around looking to see what else I could get.   The first photo is of a shed which housed maintenance tools and it really attracted my eye mainly because of the blue and red objects.  The scene screamed HDR to me, so I took three bracketed photos to create this image.  The second photo of the wheel was tone-mapped, and the third is a lauramacky blue plate special, lol.

Hope you enjoy!

Oakland Aviation Museum, formerly called Western Aerospace Museum, was founded in 1981 as a non-profit organization operating an aviation museum located at North Field of Oakland International Airport  in Oakland, California.  It has over 30 vintage and modern airplanes, both civilian and military, and other displays that highlight noted aviators and innovators.

The Boeing School of Aeronautics was started here in this very spot where the museum is on September 16, 1929.  Incredible!  It was an entire school dedicated to training pilots, mechanics and other personnel specifically for Boeing Air Transport, the airline subsidiary of the Boeing Airplane Company.  The company chose a site at the Oakland Municipal Airport in California, the largest municipal airport in the United States at that time.

You can see more about this wonderful place here:


Hangar Light – Monochrome Madness

Out from the archives is an image I took at the Oakland Aviation Museum some time ago.  The original was in color, but for today’s MMC, I decided to put an artistic B&Wish twist on it.  Hopefully I’ll be back behind the camera lens soon!

Please check out Leanne Cole’s blog later for the entire gallery.

Oakland Aviation Museum

Oakland Aviation Museum