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Boston from an iPhone

I really, really LOVED Boston!  Usually when I go somewhere, I get a strong impression about a place and with Boston, it gave me such a positive feeling.  Everywhere we went, the people were friendly, down to earth and upbeat.  Even the baseball fans were friendly to us SF Giants fans.  It really was unbelievable!  These are all iPhone pics so the quality isn’t quite there with a lot of them.

We loved our hotel which was conveniently walking distance from Fenway Park and right near a subway entrance.  Boston reminded me of San Francisco in some ways with its harbor and beauty.  What a gorgeous place!   Mainly we were there to see the Giants play Boston at Fenway Park and we really enjoyed that even though we lost (sad face); but seeing the Green Monster in person was so cool and we enjoyed Fenway Park because of its baseball history.

In between games, we took a harbor cruise which was really enjoyable, and the weather was just perfect!  We walked the Freedom Trail and saw Faneuil Hall and enjoyed a tour of that, we also saw a presentation of the Boston Tea Party where that occurred and it was really good, saw the famous North Church (what a place) and saw so many other historical places.  It was fabulous!  We walked through Little Italy, had Boston’s famous Lobster Roll (pronounced “lobstah”) and stumbled upon Mike’s Pastry where we shared one of their delicious cannoli.  Yum!

The weather was beautiful and only one day it rained briefly.  We were totally unprepared at the time and got soaked as we scrambled from one subway line to another while everyone else had umbrellas.  Can we say TOURISTS??  It’s so strange to me that it rains when it’s warm!





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The dawn of the unslept

I don’t know how many of you out there have insomnia, but it is one beast!  I’ve had it all my life.  Even as a child I can remember having a hard time falling asleep, but lately OMG…it’s been bad.  It’s definitely not the knee replacement, because it’s been feeling very good lately.  Oh yeah, my knee replacement!  Isn’t that why I started this whole blog in the first place?  😉

Who knows why this is going on but the last few days I’ve been running on very little sleep and last night I only got two hours.  I’m a bit cross-eyed looking at this screen; but not too much to say that I’m thankful I’m here, and I’m looking forward to our upcoming Alaska trip in one week!

I used to spend an inordinate amount of time in front of the computer not accomplishing anything at all, but now I’m out living life, enjoying my husband, making new friends, and reacquainting myself with old ones….WOW what a difference!

Please check out this link.  Mark Hirsch has been documenting the life of one oak tree for an entire year, taking one picture a day with his iPhone.  The creativity is INCREDIBLE!!!

Picture of the Day:  For your viewing pleasure, today we have a picture taken with my iPhone of my 17 year old cat, Hobbes.  🙂    *rawr*