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The Two Sides of Manhattan (2 images)

Manhattan is so much larger than I could’ve ever realized without taking this cruise which circumnavigated the island.  What was really interesting to me is to see both sides of the island.  The one side is very cosmopolitan and the other is more industrial.   Such is the yin and the yang of life.  No matter how much glitz we put on top of things, the reality doesn’t live far away.

Manhattan Monochrome

Manhattan Monochrome

Manhattan & Empire State

Manhattan & Empire State





Dizzy Not Ditzy

This will be as close to politics as I get on my blog……..”what is she talking about?” you ask?  Read on…

First the politically-related info…the place I took this from was the Trump Tower garden.  I wasn’t going to mention the location because I didn’t want anyone to think I liked Trump lol.  So let me get this over with and say I cannot stand him!  THERE, I’ve said it.   Done, kaput, fini!

As for the inside of his building, which I didn’t bother posting, it was incredibly tacky.  Honestly I guess I expected something nicer but it’s so dated and cheap looking.  A New Yorker I met said, “Duh…he’s a New Yorker!”  Not sure I completely understood that comment but I think I kinda did.

Now onto the photographs….I was very dizzy looking up at these buildings!  Seriously…I was teetering as I took these.  Maybe it was the humidity lol.   I’m including both the black and white and the color because I can hardly ever convince myself to stay with black and white.  You know me and my color….I just can’t help but love it.  I cropped for the black and white because I thought it was less distracting without that portion at the top which shows in the color image.  I think either works though.

Which one makes you feel more dizzy????  Note I said DIZZY not DITZY…I’ve already got that market cornered!  😉

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Dizzy Not Ditzy - New York Architecture - BLACK & WHITE

Dizzy Not Ditzy – New York Architecture – BLACK & WHITE


Dizzy Not Ditzy - New York Architecture - COLOR

Dizzy Not Ditzy – New York Architecture – COLOR



These are a few of my favorite things…

Looking through that tiny space we call a viewfinder, photographers present unique little worlds all unto their own.  The fact that this same tiny space can reveal expansive landscapes, detailed macros and everything in between fascinates me!   I love that photography can transform this tiny viewfinder space again and again into images that spark curiosity, wonder, laughter and even sometimes tears.

Today I’d like to share with you some of my favorite (non-Word Press) photography sites along with a few words that describe why I love them so much.  I’m also sharing an image from Muir Beach.

I hope you enjoy the links I’ve shared below.  Let me know what you think!


Kapete – haunting, abandoned, thought provoking, artistic!

Ole Steffensen – architecture, BIG, amazing

Kent Keller – sensitive, horses, wild, utah

Daniel James Greenwood – landscapes, big, beautiful, fantastic light

Miyako Koumura – macro, romantic, lovely

Swee Oh – black and white, fabulous architecture photos, unique street, talented!

Rosana – soft, lovely, romantic, texture

Nikos Bantouvakis – Clever, artistic, creative, colorful