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As it came to an end…

Taken from our boat ride around Manhattan, I managed to capture a few skyline shots, which I’ve been posting as of late.  With all of the photos, my foremost concern was to show detail.  After all, what good is it to look at a skyline if you can’t see all the amazing architecture in it.  None of my skyline posts have been straight up monochrome and this one is no exception.  For this image I decided to go along the sepia-ish route, but not completely as there are still some other colors included.

I really try to be unique and not copy someone else’s process although I do try to learn from what others do.  Hopefully it works!

Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend!

New York 41 - Manhattan, NY

New York 41 – Manhattan, NY



The Two Sides of Manhattan (2 images)

Manhattan is so much larger than I could’ve ever realized without taking this cruise which circumnavigated the island.  What was really interesting to me is to see both sides of the island.  The one side is very cosmopolitan and the other is more industrial.   Such is the yin and the yang of life.  No matter how much glitz we put on top of things, the reality doesn’t live far away.

Manhattan Monochrome

Manhattan Monochrome

Manhattan & Empire State

Manhattan & Empire State