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Journey of a body on this earth



I think it’s time I take a break from all the color saturation and post a black and white image.   This is the same bridge as in a previous post from the other day (seen here).   In both images the bridge seems surreal in a way, and there is an almost unattainable feeling in both images to me.  In the previous post it was like a mirage in the distance, but in this one I feel as though the bridge is a conduit to something unknown but good.

What does this image say to you?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Aspiration - Martinez Regional Shoreline

Aspiration – Martinez Regional Shoreline



A View from the Hill (2 iPhone photos)

We have so many hills around here which make hiking a challenge sometimes….wait…a lot of the times.   Seems the good things in life never come easy!   If we have intent we can do almost anything!

Looking across the valley I had a sense of accomplishment.  I wanted to stand there and revel in it a bit.  With this achievement was a great feeling of satisfaction and freedom.  I’m the little engine that could!  And ohhhhh what a view from the hill!


View from the Hill – Taken on my iPhone


A long road to climb but great things await for those who have intent and perseverance.