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Abandoned at Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline

Ok so once in awhile I like to go crazy with the processing!  I took a few bracketed photos, merged them in Nik HDR and used a very subtle setting.  I then opened it in photoshop and added some sharpening and added some secret sauce.

Abandoned in Miller/Knox Regional Park - Richmond

Abandoned in Miller/Knox Regional Park – Richmond



Tone-Mapping Before and After

While bracketing images in-camera and then using Photomatix or Nik HDR to create a true HDR is preferrable, tone-mapping can produce nice results.  After some minor adjustments, I used one photo and imported it into Nik HDR to produce an initial image to work with, but most of what I did here after that was in photoshop.

I’ve included the original below in case you are curious.

Martinez Train Station - Tone-Mapping

Martinez Train Station – Tone-Mapping


Original - Lauramacky

Original – Lauramacky


Expanding Horizons – Size Contrast

One of the types of contrasts I’ve been focusing on lately is contrast in size of elements within the frame.  Notice how huge the cloud is and notice the inclusion of smaller elements like trees and ponds in the frame.  This contrast in size provides interest to the eye and conveys “majesty” or “awe” in an image.  (Or at least attempts to lol.)

If I were to photograph the large cloud only, against a hill with no trees for example, it most likely wouldn’t be as interesting as showing it with smaller elements because you wouldn’t fully appreciate the cloud’s magnitude.  You might’ve noticed size contrast in my last post of Drakes Beach in which the tiny people were shown against the huge sheared cliff shoreline.

I hope you enjoy the image and found the post helpful!  Have a wonderful Thursday!

Expanding Horizons - Size Contrast

Expanding Horizons – Size Contrast