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Journey of a body on this earth


Expressing Passion

It’s not about the perfect photo.  For me it’s about expressing myself.  Maybe it’s because I was a musician most of my life and was used to expressing myself through the arts.  Or maybe it’s because I can’t convey my emotions very well through the spoken or written word.

What drives me in photography is my desire to share an intense feeling of beauty with someone else so they can feel what I felt.  Maybe it’s a bit like asking you to know me and to accept me.

Creating imagery for me is like taking all my emotions of the moment and putting them onto the head of a pin….I want to leave no doubt as to how the magic of nature left it’s impression.



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A Very Grave Post (2 images)

The other evening I ventured out with my camera club to the Mountain View Cemetery to get some Halloween inspiration.  I found myself saying “excuse me” as I carefully tiptoed over the graves.  Yes I know…it’s a bit weird but then need I say more?  LOL.

I’m going to participate in Ed Mooney’s Halloween challenge so I’m going to save my best one (at least the one I think is my best) for his challenge.  In the meantime, the first image shown here was processed in Photoshop and tonemapped in Nik HDR.  The second image shown is sort of an overview of the area from inside the cemetery.  You can see Downtown Oakland with the tall buildings out in the distance and you can even see the hills across the bay and part of San Francisco to the right in the distance.  I’m so glad the deceased have prime real estate lol.

Lux - Mountain View Cemetery

Lux – Mountain View Cemetery

Outlook - Mountain View Cemetery

Outlook – Mountain View Cemetery

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Home is Where the Heart Is!

For the last 2-1/2 months, we’ve been under a major remodel and have been living somewhere else.  This past weekend we moved home and I can’t tell you how nice it is to be back home!  I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished, although the kitchen is not quite done.  You’ll see some missing cabinets and light bulbs, window treatments, etc.  This will all be completed soon, but we wanted to come home as soon as it was habitable.

The picture of our new kitchen was taken with my D750 using my 24-120mm lens (I love that lens!).  I tone-mapped it in Nik HDR and then added some sharpening.

The “before” was taken with my iPhone.  You can see where the space was originally enclosed and much smaller.  We opened it up and moved the fireplace to a corner in the living room.  Dave is a happy camper in the kitchen last night cooking our first meal which was chicken piccata…it was yummy!