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One Photo Focus – October 2016

It’s One Photo Focus time!  I rather enjoy this challenge of taking someone’s photo and editing it into our own creation.  This month it’s something a bit different!  We were provided a cell phone image from Y. Prior from Priohouse to edit either on our phones or on our computers.  I chose to edit it on my iPhone 6+.  Most of you who know me, know that sometimes I enjoy taking pictures on my phone and editing them on a myriad of apps I have.  I will say this was the hardest image I’ve ever worked on.  I think it didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped but I had fun anyway.

With most of my cell phone photos, I use multiple apps to to achieve the final look.  Sometimes I move in and out of them so fast I forget what I’ve done to tell you the truth.  I tried remembering what I did and I think I remembered the main edits.

And as always, a huge thank you Stacy for coordinating this challenge and putting a different twist on it this month!  Please check out the entire the entire challenge with everyone’s edits on Stacy’s blog by clicking here.

The Process:

1.  Imported the image to my phone and used the SKWRT app which I just discovered and I love!  This app can correct verticals on the phone just as if I’m in photoshop.  Well, almost.  😉   So that’s what I did first with this app.

2.  I cloned out those vertical lines at the bottom…not exactly sure what that was but I kept thinking luggage handles!

3.  There is a sister app to SKWRT called MRRW which is sort of embedded in the SKWRT app and I used that to mirror the image in order to eliminate the red chair to the right and to make everything symmetrical.  You’ll notice that the original image showed a beige chair along with the black chair on the right side of the couch as we look at it.  On my image, after using MRRW, you’ll see that the beige chair is gone because it took the left half of the image and duplicated it on the right.

4.  I then imported the image into iColorama to apply some color effects, add sharpening and a vignette so make the middle brighter than the edges.  I also applied less contrast to the outside of the image than the center so that the center popped a bit.

Hope you enjoy it!

Laura Macky Edit

Laura Macky Edit


Original by Y. Prior

Original by Y. Prior



My own before and after…..

I know some of you like to see what my original photos look like vs. the processed ones, so I thought I’d share an iPhone photo I took at Sutro Baths the other day with my camera club in its original form as well as the edited version.  Normally I edit iPhone photos on my Phone via various apps, but this time I thought it’d be fun to bring it into Photoshop to see what I could do with it. I’m showing the edited shot first.

I was so thrilled that I caught a couple in love standing on the rock in the foreground with the Golden Gate Bridge in the upper right making a cameo appearance.   Don’t you wonder what the couple was saying to one other???

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

Sutro Baths

Sutro Baths






A View from the Hill (2 iPhone photos)

We have so many hills around here which make hiking a challenge sometimes….wait…a lot of the times.   Seems the good things in life never come easy!   If we have intent we can do almost anything!

Looking across the valley I had a sense of accomplishment.  I wanted to stand there and revel in it a bit.  With this achievement was a great feeling of satisfaction and freedom.  I’m the little engine that could!  And ohhhhh what a view from the hill!


View from the Hill – Taken on my iPhone


A long road to climb but great things await for those who have intent and perseverance.