Laura Macky Photography

Journey of a body on this earth


Backyard Otter!

Amazingly there is an otter in the lake on our golf course right off our back deck!  I’ve seen him there before but I’ve never been able to take his picture because I have to cross the fairway and there have always been golfers at play.

The sun had just gone down, so my ISO was up pretty high.  I had to aggressively crop because even with my 28-300mm lens, I still couldn’t get a close enough shot of this little guy without cropping.

I was really excited when he hopped out of the water on the bank across the lake!  What luck.   He was checking out the ducks and the heron intently.  They weren’t too concerned about him…although maybe they were wondering if he was going to eat all their fish.   😉

The little guy seemed interested in me.  For his final act, he dove under the water and started swimming toward me!  I could see the air bubbles in the lake as they approached me.  Honestly I was so giddy I was trying to change the settings on my camera but really didn’t have time, so I snapped two pics of him as he surfaced and stared at me.

After his final appearance, he dove under never to be seen again that evening.  I’m thinking there must be an underground water tunnel of some sort.  River otters can walk a long way too.  There was one walking down our town’s main street not too long ago; and with all the rivers around, they seem to be adapting to us quite readily.

I love seeing him and I hope you enjoy the pics!



Lake Chabot Sunset (2 images)

Last night I took my camera club to Lake Chabot in Castro Valley for sunset, and Mother Nature did not disappoint!  All I can say is WOW!  I haven’t seen a sunset like this in awhile and was so excited that it happened when I scheduled our outing.

The sky was ever-changing and I’m so happy with the images I got.  Both of these were taken with my Sony A7 using a 16-35mm lens.  The first is a pano later in the evening which I did absolutely nothing to except to straighten the horizon and the second was taken a bit earlier with the same camera and lens, lightly processed in Lightroom.

Enjoy the display!