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Christmas Cheer (5 photos)

In an attempt to spread Christmas Cheer, I’ve asked people to answer “What do you love about Christmas?” and to share an image along with their answer.   You can see everyone’s images below and I’ve included their link to their blog so you can see what each of them love about Christmas.

So what does it mean to me?  It might mean something different to me each year, but this year it means spreading the cheer.  If I say Merry Christmas to them at the store or if I pay for someone’s coffee at Starbucks who isn’t expecting it, perhaps the Christmas Cheer will bring a smile to their face.   And while this may not sound like a deep and meaningful answer, it’s doing the little things that can add up to big things if we all do it together.  So here I am with this blog post and having all of you spreading the Christmas Cheer with me!  My image hopefully evokes a happy feeling of Christmas.  🙂

Please check out everyone’s images and posts by clicking on their image.  It will take you to their post in a new tab.  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

Laura Macky

Laura Macky

Photos by Emilio - Christmas Cheer

Photos by Emilio – Christmas Cheer

World is a Book - Christmas Cheer

World is a Book – Christmas Cheer

Julie Powell - Christmas Cheer

Julie Powell – Christmas Cheer

Copyright © 2015- 2016 Deborah M. Zajac ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Copyright © 2015- 2016 Deborah M. Zajac




What do you love about Christmas?

I thought it would be fun create a Christmas-themed post called “Christmas Cheer” with pictures from all of you and to find out what each of YOU love about Christmas.  This is the first time I’ve ever tried a post with everyone submitting something, and I hope you will join me in spreading Christmas cheer this year!   So how does this work?  It’s simple

  • Create a post on your blog and answer the question “What do you love about Christmas?”  Title the post “Christmas Cheer”.
  • Include a photo that represents Christmas to you.  It can be a literal photo of a Christmas present as the one I took below or something more abstract, whatever you like!  It must be your own photo though.
  • Schedule your post for December 20th at 8 am PST which is when my post will go live.
  • Email me at your image renamed with your last name and resized to 1000 px longest side.
  • In the email, please include the link to your blog post.  If I don’t get your link, I won’t be able to figure out what blog you are and won’t be able to include your photo in my post.


Please double check to make sure all items above have been completed and then you are done!   If you have any questions, please email me at  Thanks everyone!  And ho ho ho!



Bird, Zoom, Crop!

I was wandering around our house a few days ago during the Golden Hour and came across this little cutie pie called a Black Phoebe.  I was not too far away, but even with my 300mm lens I couldn’t fill the frame.  It’s amazing how it seems there is never a long enough lens for bird photography lol.

Zoom lenses are usually not sharpest at the extremes of the zoom range.  For example, if you shoot a 28-300mm lens (which I used for this shot), you will get sharper photos at 280mm than 300mm.   Almost all lenses are sharper somewhere between the extremes of the zoom range.  This is especially important if you are shooting a less expensive zoom lens or a kit lens.  Spend just a minute and take a picture of a newspaper taped to the wall across from you at different focal lengths and apertures.  You’re likely to find quite a variation in sharpness levels depending on the focal length.

Backing off the full range of a zoom lens doesn’t cause much issue with presenting a close up image because it’s necessary to crop whether it’s shot at 300mm or 280mm.  I’ve included a screen shot of the original picture size so you can see how much I cropped it.

I hope you enjoy this little cutie pie!

Black Phoebe - Bird Photography

Black Phoebe – Bird Photography