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Survivor TV Show – Audition Video

I have a friend who is hoping to be on the American TV show, Survivor.   Recently we were talking about her trying out and I ended up making this video for her out of photos and clips she had.  We also did a couple insertions of some video I took of her on my Sony A7.

The video was made in iMovie which is inherent software on my Mac.  It was so fun to do!   Check it out.  It’s only two minutes.  She would be perfect for it.  Pray she gets picked!!   (Wisti ok’d my posting of this video.)


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I know you all love seeing my pics from Alaska, but I thought I’d insert a little break here.  Last night we went to see the amazing Keiko Matsui at Yoshi’s Jazz Club in Oakland.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Yoshi’s, we’ve been going here for years and it’s a great little jazz club for seeing the greats!

Last night was a fabulous performance by Keiko and her band was incredible!  Before she performed each song, she would give us a little background in such a demure Japanese way, and then she’d sit down at the piano and blow us away.  The band was incredible too!  Total musicianship.  I’ve always loved her and didn’t realize that she’s put out 25 albums!

Anyway, I took some poor photos with my iphone and pasted them here for you to oogle at.  I got Keiko’s autograph on her newest CD Soul Quest and had my hubby take an impromptu picture of us.  Yeah, yeah, I look totally goofy.  But hey, what else is new?  🙂

Evening at Yoshi's Jazz Club

Evening at Yoshi’s Jazz Club