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Knee Replacement #2

It’s time that I make an announcement that my second knee replacement (left leg) is scheduled for August 12.  This means that starting today, I will be less here than I have been before and not posting anything new at all after August 12 for awhile during my recovery.

The whole reason I started blogging over 1-1/2 years ago was solely to track the progress of my knee replacement.  I had very little experience with photography; but as I recovered, I delved more into it, got a new camera, and last year around this time I had started morphing my knee replacement blog into a photography blog.

For the last year I’ve been diligently working on improving my photography and photoshop skills, taking classes, getting help from friends, googling (lol), making wonderful friends, and loving my hobby!

Even though I won’t be posting photos after August 12 for awhile, my intent is to stay connected by checking the work of all of you!  You are the ones that will keep me in photography by viewing your photos and reading your blogs.  What I truly hope for is that you won’t feel that I’m intentionally ignoring your blogs because I will most likely be sporadic in my following and certainly my posting.  I have a few posts scheduled out for the next few days while I get some things done around here to ready myself for the surgery.

I’ll be back, I just don’t know when.  Thank you again EVERYONE for supporting what I do and being so generous with your help and comments!  I’ll be back as soon as I can!!

With much love,





Warning:  This is a departure from the joy of the Christmas season!

The other morning I drove some miles away to take a picture of smoke coming out of a refinery.  I specifically went at 10 am to capture the light just right.  B&W is not something I do often, and in fact I haven’t done much since I started taking pictures.

Some day I hope we get away from needing these refineries.  As modern as I feel sometimes with my wireless, clouded, slimline devices, I realize how crude (literally) we really are in how we sustain our society.

More merriment in my next post, but for now….



Billy Goat Gruff

The other day we were driving through the Gold Country here in California and what a glorious day!  It was 70 degrees, clear as a bell, but oh so dry.  The lack of rain has caused the oak trees to stay in their fall color a lot longer; so even though it looks beautiful across the rolling hills, we really need rain.

Much of California gets its water from the Sierras when the snow melts.  The water goes into a series of dams that are at different elevations and is distributed from there.  One lake (or dam) that we went over is called New Melones Lake.  There are many such dams in California and most of them are used for recreation as well as water distribution.  We noticed that the water was very low.  In fact, someone there was saying he’d been coming to the lake for 25 years and had never seen it that low.

Here you can see I went under the bridge to take a picture not only to show the waterline which you can see right above the red clay but just because I thought it was a cool shot.  😛

New Melones Bridge