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I’ve Gotta be Me!

Below is one more image from my Lake Merritt outing the other day.  I have to say that I totally enjoy taking architecture photos whether it be closer up or in a cityscape like this and need to do more of it.  There is something really fun about figuring out how to compose the shot with buildings in a skyline like this, what settings to use and how to present the image uniquely in Photoshop.

For this image I didn’t use any plug-in filters, only photoshop.  I’m learning how to achieve a lot of those preset looks myself  which is really fun because one filter preset usually contains several individual effects in Photoshop.

In any case, what I’ve learned is that I really have to be myself when it comes to processing photos.  When I’m smiling and getting excited about the direction I’m going in processing a photo, that’s where I need to stay instead of thinking “oh, will people think this is too much?” or “I need to hold back”.   While every image doesn’t work nor appeal to everyone, the more I push in the direction that makes me happy, the more I know I’m on the right track.  Full steam ahead I say!  (insert train whistle noise)

Hope you all have a fantastic day!

Lake Merritt with the Crow Canyon Clickers

Lake Merritt with the Crow Canyon Clickers


Lake Merritt at Sunset (2 images)

Ahhh…my hometown of Oakland, California has a beautiful tidal lagoon downtown called Lake Merritt.  Many business, residences and churches surround it and it’s always bustling with people jogging, walking dogs and just sitting to admire the sunset.

Last night I took my camera club here to capture the skyline including the cathedral which is across from where we were standing.   The first image is looking to the left of the scene and the second image looks to the right and you can see the cathedral in the second image…it looks like a pope’s hat.  The lake is quite large and these two images comprise approximately 1/6th of the lake.

The lake was originally an arm of the San Francisco Bay formed where several creeks empty into the bay. It was surrounded by 1,000 acres (4 km2) of wetlands in the time when Ohlone Indians fished, hunted and gathered food along its shores.  You can read more about this gem here.

Lake Merritt with the Crow Canyon Clickers

Lake Merritt with the Crow Canyon Clickers

Lake Merritt with the Crow Canyon Clickers

Lake Merritt with the Crow Canyon Clickers



The Pope’s Hat

So now that you’ve seen some interior shots of Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland, California, I thought I’d show you the outside.  Yes, this is over the top but for some reason I couldn’t help myself!  (The image was tone-mapped using Nik HDR.)

One of the things I learned about this cathedral’s architecture is the purposeful marriage of ancient (concrete and wood) and new (glass and steel).  This concept is not only used in the construction but in the symbolism as well, which I hope to share more of in the near future.

The Old:  I was amazed to learn that the first recognition of concrete was 12,000,000 BC in Israel where reactions between limestone and oil shale during spontaneous combustion occurred to form a natural deposit of cement compounds.  In 300 BC, Egyptians furthered the discovery of lime and gypsum mortar as a binding agent for building the Pyramids.

The New:  The outside is shaped like a pope’s hat and is made of newer materials, glass and steel.

This “pope’s hat” is a beautiful piece of architecture in my opinion and changes depending on the light hitting the glass.  At night, it is beautifully illuminated!  I will have to go back and some night shots.