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Strolling to the Golden Hour

Here are a few more from the Albany Waterfront Park.  The first few are my favorites, and the rest are from the walk on the way down.  I thought it was kind of interesting to see all the graffiti rocks along the way.  And yes, the second image shows my model once again.  🙂


Albany Waterfront Park

Last evening we went to the Albany Waterpark which is across the bay from the Golden Gate.  We walked down the trail and found this rocky area with puddles right across from the gate.  This image was taken with my new 14-24mm, and  I’ve got to say that I love this lens!  I didn’t have my tripod with me and I was able to get detail even with the ISO being at 250.  Kind of incredible really.  If you look where the sun is setting, you can just make out the Golden Gate Bridge.

Albany Waterpark

Albany Waterpark