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Autumn Memory

Here in California we are in a period called El Nino where we are getting lots and lots of rain and receiving much-needed relief from the dry and brittle summer.  Yesterday morning I looked out our front door and noticed a pretty, gentle light hitting the big magnolia tree with fog beyond and I couldn’t help but try to capture the feeling I had standing there snapping away.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Autumn Memory

Autumn Memory

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Willow Glow

I’m out and about once again!  My knee isn’t 100% perfect, but I walked around our little lake the other day for the first time ever.  I stopped to take some pics of birds which I will be posting soon, but I couldn’t resist the beautiful willow that gracefully hangs into the lake.  I love these willows!  It felt good to be out with my camera on my own again!

Willow Glow


I’ve Fallen for Fall :)

I’m really enjoying the fall season this year.  Usually we have a week or two of fall and then we’re right into winter, so there’s not much opportunity to enjoy the colors.  We are in dire need rain here in California, but while we all pray for some rain, I’m enjoying the fall colors.