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Deja Vu

Ahhh….going out to take photos before sunset is such a wonderful feeling for me.  I went to a local old, vacant restaurant on top of a hill to get a good look at the valley the other evening.  It was perfect!  The clouds were amazing, the light was starting to look nice and I was framing images, seeking which would be best for a nice sunset.  It was so peaceful being “at one” with nature…the birds chirping, the sun rays beginning to dance on the foliage…and then a HORDE of people???

I look up and a stream of people were coming back to the area where I was at and politely asked me to leave because a wedding rehearsal was about to begin.  Seriously???  AGAIN????   I just got kicked out of a church the other day because a wedding was going to start which stunted my photography experience and now I’m being kicked out yet again.  Evidently they used the old restaurant as an event center because of the fabulous views.  As one of my blogging friends said….maybe it’s a sign that I should be doing wedding photography…with a smiley face at the end.  Bah!  Like that’s going to happen any time soon, lol.

I think this was the best of what I got before I got the boot.  The whole thing did make me laugh.

Into the Sun

Into the Sun