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Birds of a Feather

I normally don’t take too many bird shots.  Mainly because until recently, there weren’t so many to take.   But right outside our (currently being constructed) back deck, there are so many birds!  It’s incredible.  Bluebirds, bluejays, red-tailed hawks, white peregrine falcons, finches, sand pipers (yes sand pipers!), hummingbirds…the list goes on.

The other night I saw a Great Blue Heron.  He (or she) seems to be in the pond frequently, and the other night I decided to go down there and see what I could get.  This isn’t my forte as I’m very inexperienced with birds, but it was fun trying to capture him.  I had my 300mm lens on and I’m realizing how NOT long it is!  I was fairly close when I shot this picture…hmm…maybe 20′ or so?  I can’t exactly remember.

I tried to capture him in flight but the two images I got were not good angles, unfortunately.


Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron