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The Look of Love

It’s been crazy busy here, and I’m sorry to say that in the next couple weeks my posts will dwindle a bit because of this.  Life happens sometimes!  I’ll try to keep current by either reblogging or posting a pic here and there, if I can manage to take one that is.

Yesterday I did manage to get a shot of some turkeys that were gobbling and standing on the side of the street near our house. I think these males are trying to attract a female.  Hmm…I hope they weren’t eying me!  Somehow the thought of chestnut stuffing came to mind.  😉




This Quacks Me Up

Thank goodness we’ve been getting rain in California.  Finally!   The rains have filled nearby creeks and made the hillsides and plants nice and green.   The other evening when I was taking closeups of flowers, which was only a few steps from our front door, I heard some quacking.  Moving closer to the edge of the creek, I saw this happy couple paddling around.  Thankfully, I had my 300mm lens on and fired off a couple shots.  By the time I moved a bit further down to get a closer look, they had gone.  I’m glad I got a peak into their environment.  Maybe someday soon there will be ducklings.  🙂



Falconing Day

The other day we went falconing!  I’m not even sure it’s a real word but let’s just say it is in this blog.  🙂   When I first heard the suggestion I thought, “Huh?  How does one do that?”  Records of Falconry (taking prey with a trained raptor) have been found from as early as 2000 BC!  It is generally accepted that the origins of falconry began in China and Mongolia and then came to Europe later on.

The place we handled the falcon is called West Coast Falconry in Marysville, California which is about two hours northeast of San Francisco.  A perfect little day trip.  The women who run this place are amazing and have a complete love for what they do.  Here’s a link in case you’re interested in more…

The bird we handled this day was named Diego.  Once when Diego was flying to someone else in the group, I felt the brush of his wing as he flew by me.  That was somehow much more thrilling than when he actually landed on my glove.

I didn’t want to post pics of people here who didn’t consent, although I did include one of my hubby!  Hi honey!  Hope you don’t mind!  lol   Also included is a picture of an old trailer.  I’m not quite sure what year it is but I saw it on the property and couldn’t resist a photo.