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Marina at Sunset

Seems I go in spurts with images doesn’t it, and I guess I’m on a roll right now!  The other night when we were at the Martinez Regional Shoreline, I seemed to get some decent images although I didn’t think that would be the case when I got there.  I’ve been there before but not so much with my camera.  Initially I sort of wondered what I would be photographing, but as the sun dipped in the sky, a wonderful golden light was cast everywhere.  There was hardly any wind (a rarity for this area) so the reflections became like glass.

Normally I don’t really care for marina shots…I mean how many do we see?  Soooo many.  But the light, color and reflection were so amazing that I just couldn’t resist!


Martinez Marina



One Photo Focus – June

It’s One Photo Focus time!  I rather enjoy this challenge of taking someone’s photo and editing it into our own creation.  Thank you David Croker for providing this week’s original photo.  Please check out David’s blog when you have time.  And as always, thank you Stacy for coordinating this challenge!  Please check out the entire the entire challenge with everyone’s edits on Stacy’s blog by clicking here.

I’ve been seeing a lot of images where almost the entire image is dark except for a few areas like a snow capped mountain or an ocean wave illuminated in the night.  I thought I’d try it out with this image although I couldn’t quite push myself to the extreme but this may be a decent first try.  

The Process:

1.  Imported image to LR and made basic adjustments like clarity, curves, highlights and shadows along with some pre-sharpening.

2.  Opened in Photoshop and duplicated layer.

3.  Used Topaz Denoise lightly.

4.  Used a dark Old Painting texture (JD Beautiful World Textures by Jessica Drossin) and used a layer mask to hide the line of ships.

5.  Applied unsharp mask to sharpen the boats only.

6.  I didn’t feel the boats had enough structure, so I added a layer from Topaz Glow called Black Sketch Overlay at a reduced opacity and applied it to the line of boats only.

7.  Used Nik Color Efex to add a Dynamic Contrast and Skylight filter at reduced opacities.

8.  Added a curve to lighten things up a bit.

Hope you enjoy it!


One Photo Focus - June - Edited by Laura Macky

One Photo Focus – June – Edited by Laura Macky


Original by David Croker




One Photo Focus – October

One Photo Focus is here!  I’ve really got to thank Stacy for keeping this challenge.  It’s so fun to see everyone’s interpretation of the same image and it’s a great challenge to do something different than my usual.  Below you’ll find my image as well as the original image provided by Michelle Lunato, so thanks much to Michelle for a fun image.   Please do check out Stacy’s blog when you have time to see everyone’s submissions.  I’m excited to see what everyone came up with!

I’m always trying to push myself in different ways, so this month I went for the painted look.  I’ve used the mixer brush tool in photoshop before to blend things but this time I had fun experimenting with it a bit further regarding brush strokes.  I usually use Topaz Impression for a brush stroke look but I was unsatisfied with the way it handled the bright starburst, even at a reduced opacity, so I decided to try to blend it myself.

After viewing that Turner exhibition recently, I realized how amazing his paintings were to include muted areas, detail, depth and light all rolled into one.  Not to mention a whole other host of techniques I couldn’t even begin to address being that I’m not knowledgable about painting.  It was fun pushing myself!

Basic Process:

  • Created layers containing accentuated boat detail
  • Created 2 motion blur layers of entire image
  • Combined final blur image with detail boat layers
  • Made squiggle of light beneath bottom of boat
  • Enhanced color via Nik Color Efex
  • Painted image with mixer brush tool in photoshop.
At Rest

At Rest

  1. Michelle Lunato OPF

    Michelle Lunato

Thank you Stacy for coordinating this fun challenge!  🙂