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The Tower and an Anniversary

The “new” Bay Bridge (between Oakland and San Francisco) has been in the making since the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989.  Part of the old bridge collapsed (which they repaired afterward) as a result of that earthquake but the bridge was deemed unsafe if another earthquake were to hit, so a new one needed to be constructed.  It took FOREVER for the new one to get built for a few reasons…one of the reasons being that the two mayors were in disagreement about the design.  It always amazed me that two people could hold up such an important project as this.

The new bridge finally opened a couple of years ago and is quite stunning!  Here’s a zoomed in image of the main tower on the east side of Yerba Buena Island in San Francisco.

One more thing……yesterday I got a notification that it has been four years since I created my blog.  Shocking!  That’s all I got folks!  Have a great weekend!

The Tower

The Tower

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Bay Area Bridges

Did you know there are eight bridges in the San Francisco Bay Area?  The other day when I was at the Berkeley Marina, I took a shot of the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge and have included it here.  From that same vantage point one can see the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge and perhaps on a very clear day you “might” be able to see the San Mateo Bridge way off in the distance to the south although that’s probably a stretch. I think the bridges make the area so pretty although the tolls are not quite as pretty.  😉

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San Francisco Bay Bridge

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I wasn’t going to post until after my move but frankly I just couldn’t resist!  I know some of my friends here will tease me about it, lol.  But hey, it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, eh?  🙂

We were coming back from a performance in SF the other night, and we made a pit stop at Treasure Island so I could take a shot of the eastern portion of the Bay Bridge.   In 1989, the Loma Prieta earthquake damaged a portion of the bridge, and it took a “mere” 25 years to replace it.   They are still tearing the old one down and you can see it off to the right.  It will take about 3 years to tear it down.  Once it’s been removed, I’ll go back and take another shot, but in the meantime I thought it fitting to include the changing of the guard so to speak.

For all you wondering, my move is coming along.  I’m looking forward to being back to “normal” (whatever that is) next week!

Eastern Portion of San Francisco Bay Bridge looking toward Berkeley, taken from Treasure Island.

Eastern Portion of San Francisco Bay Bridge looking toward Berkeley, taken from Treasure Island.