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Evening Walk – Monochrome Madness


I’m not really at my computer right now.  This will be my last post containing an image from my camera for a few weeks until I’m able to get up and around again, but I couldn’t resist partaking in one more MMC until then.  🙂

This image is of my husband walking as the sun was going down behind him in the west; and it’s the perfect time to thank him for being my rock and taking care of me through all my physical challenges the past few years.  And oh yeah, a big thank you to him for listening to me when I can’t stop talking about photography, lol!

One last thing if you’ve made it this far…I hope you don’t mind if I ask you for some prayers right now.  I would be so grateful to those of you who could hold me in your thoughts and send me positive vibes.   Thank you!


Evening Walk – Monochrome Madness





Light Seeker – Monochrome Madness

It’s Monochrome Madness time again!

Once again I found myself at Preservation Park in Oakland, California.  This tiny park packs a picturesque punch with colorful foliage and Victorian architecture.  The park is actually a re-creation of a Victorian neighborhood where they hold events and meetings.   Last time I was here I focused on the beautiful flowers and I wanted to get back to try my hand at the architecture.  (Whew, all that hammering has made me tired, lol.)

I love looking for contrast now and am starting to see it more which is encouraging.  When I first started photography, all I could think of was color.  Don’t get me wrong, I still adore color and even in color photographs contrast is important.  What I’ve noticed, though, is that looking for B&W images before I take the picture rather than converting a previous image I didn’t initially intend for B&W is a different skill set.  At least that’s what it seems to me.   I’m hoping the intent shows in my images whether it be B&W or color.  I will say, this challenge has been invaluable in teaching me to look for light which is paramount to all photographs.

The entire challenge can be found here on Leanne Cole’s Site “Monochrome Madness”  so please check it out.  There are so many good photographers there!

Preservation Park, Oakland

Preservation Park, Oakland




Scraping the Sky in Black and White

I’m so pleased to be part of  Leanne Cole’s ( Black and White Challenge on Tuesdays.   Thank you, Leanne, for coordinating this!  I’m not sure hers is up quite yet….I think I usually end up posting this first.  I’ve sent her the link to include with her own image, so hopefully it will be up soon!

Today’s post shows a building in San Francisco that I originally took around Christmas time.  First, I converted this image three different times in Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 (neutral, high key and low key) and layered them in Photoshop.  Next, I masked them to expose and hide what I wanted and then burned/dodged here and there to hopefully create a pleasing image.  (Thank you to Mabry Campbell for giving me this B&W processing suggestion back when I created my “Trees in the Fog” image.)    I’ve gotta say…Leanne & Mabry, you two ROCK!

Scraping the Sky in B&W

Scraping the Sky in B&W