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The Church

The other day we were walking around a cute little area in Oakland after having ice cream and I saw this church.   I’ve “seen” this church over the years probably since I was about seven but never really looked at it.  Fortunately I had my camera, so I took a few shots as the sun was setting in the west.   My mission lately is to see the light on things and to expand my horizons with black and white photography.  I think it’s a good exercise to step out of my comfort zone and try something new.  I really want to improve and hope this exercise will get me there………eventually.  🙂

Church in Oakland, California

Church in Oakland, California


This is for the birds…AGAIN!

I received such great feedback from some of you on how to improve this owl shot.  I’ve incorporated the suggestions into this photo, and hopefully it’s improved since the last post(s).  Yes POSTS plural!  Hopefully I’ll lay this owl to rest after this, haha.

Redo of Owl


This should be a hoot…..

Earlier today I posted a Barn Owl in a color version.  I thought it was appropriate because of the little red barn he was sitting in.  Then later on today I wondered what it would be like in a monochrome version.  I can’t decide, so I’m going to ask you to help me out and vote.  Which one do you prefer?  I’ve included a poll at the bottom.