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Journey of a body on this earth


Hidden Treasure

Quite frequently I drive down a road in our town (which I frequent often even prior to the move) and have noticed this cute little shed.  I’ve often wanted to take a picture of this shed, but there’s a little issue of it being on someone’s property.  The other day I wasn’t in a rush and I felt a bit feisty so I stopped, got my tripod out, camera in tow, and carefully tiptoed through the crunchy leaves to a spot I thought might work.  Leaves are VERY crunchy when one is trying to be quiet!

I couldn’t help but wonder what was in the shed, but I didn’t dare go find out.  It would probably be something a whole lot less inviting than I imagine….probably spiders and webs and creepy crawlies!  One thing about this shed is that it’s always so well-lit due to the incredible amount of trees surrounding it.  It’s such a beautiful setting.  I hope you enjoy it!

Hidden Treasure