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In Between

A few weeks ago when we were in Pt. Reyes, I took some additional photos which I’ve only recently processed.   This one shows the glorious Pacific Ocean through some large rocks.   We were really lucky with the blue skies because it can be very foggy on the Northern California Coast!




Point Reyes Lighthouse

As you know, since I know you’re hanging on my every word lol, we went to Point Reyes, California.  The day was gorgeous.  There were clouds but sun too which is always nice, and the fog was breaking away.  Point Reyes is very windy by the way because it’s right on the coast and juts out into the ocean.  The part of Point Reyes we were going to see was the Lighthouse there.  It was one of those situations where you couldn’t just drive up to the lighthouse and park.  You had to park a ways from it and hike in.  This was a good test for my knee replacement!

It was WINDY!!!!!!  Wow!  I think the Ranger said it was 36 mph winds and it usually averages 40 mph.  It’s the windiest location on the west coast!  Thank goodness I know to always dress warmly and with a breaker when going to the coast, so i was prepared.

It’s only a half mile hike to the top of the Lighthouse steps and we saw breathtaking views of the Point Reyes coastline….

Point Reyes Shoreline

We arrived at the lighthouse and I realized that there was this 30-story staircase I had to go down to get to the lighthouse!  I still have one bad knee so my hubby asked me if I’d be able to handle it.  There were yellow signs warning of the strenuous hike, lol.  Sorry, this picture is terrible and was quickly taken on the iPhone but I had to include it here…


I looked down and made the decision to give it a whirl.  I went on a wing and a prayer.  Going down was hard on my left knee (the one that needs replacing still)….ouch it hurt.  In this picture we were almost halfway down and you can see my hubby in the green jacket carrying my bag and tripod, lol.


Only a little bit more to go, LOL….


Almost there!


Yay!  I did it!  Geeez…I am completely out of shape!  Fortunately it was worth it.  I did manage to squeeze myself into a small area where the wind was blocked and I took a “short” long exposure with my 8 stop ND filter.

Long Exposure

I couldn’t take any pictures going back up those steps.  Trust me, it was hard.  My knee was killing me and I tweaked my back on the way up because of it.  You know it’s bad when people older than you are passing you along the way!  haha!

Initially the entire purpose of this blog was to share the journey of my right knee replacement, but the saga continues as I just had an appointment with my orthopedic doctor to confirm the need for the left knee replacement which will be scheduled for January as soon as the office calls me back.  I’m done with this!  There are too many things I’d like to see in my life to be constrained by my crummy knees.

This trip was well worth it though.  I love our coastal areas here in California.  It just feels like home.  🙂


Tomales Bay Ship Wreck

Wow, it’s been awhile since my last post mainly due to a nasty case of bronchitis.  Thankfully I’ve finally recovered and am back behind the lens!

Yesterday we took a drive Point Reyes, California for the day with the Point Reyes Lighthouse as our destination.  One stop we made along the way was a famous “abandoned boat” in Tomales Bay.   There are several shipwrecks in the area, yet this one seemed to merely be an abandoned boat with not much history other than it is popular with photographers.   You can see from the map that Tomales Bay is north of San Francisco and East of Point Reyes.  (As a side note, Bodega Bay to the north was where Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” was filmed.)


Below is the abandoned boat in all its glory.  This boat has been photographed many times, and I tried to put my own spin on it.  Within the next few days, I’ll have more pictures of incredible Point Reyes and the lighthouse there.