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Journey of a body on this earth


Lucked Out – Pacific Grove, California

Surf was up the other day in Pacific Grove.  I love it when the waves are bigger.  Ahhh the mist, the smell of the ocean…I love it!   The tourists love it too, but a bit too much as you see from the second picture here where two people were daring the waves.  Unfortunately, every year many people meet their demise from doing just what they were doing.  (Please click for better quality…I’ve noticed a degradation in quality on the smaller images lately.)

When this wave crashed on the rocks, they were a little worried but still held their fists up in the air as if they’d conquered the world.  The next wave that came crashed on side of the rock and got them wet.  I couldn’t see them for a minute but then I saw them hurrying down to safety.

You can’t fool with Mother Nature!


Sailing in Pacific Grove, California

The other day we heard it would be 82 degrees down in the Monterey area, specifically Pacific Grove, so we headed down on Sunday morning to enjoy the area.  Sure enough we were met with the warmest day we’ve ever felt there and indeed it ended up being exactly 82 degrees.  It is so unusual for it to be warmer there than where we live.

Pacific Grove is about 1.5 hours south of SF.  A bit further south than that is Carmel and Big Sur, and we’ll be going there later in the year.  I hope to catch some beautiful sunsets….if it’s not foggy that is.  It can be extremely foggy especially at sunrise and sunset, so I will cross my fingers for the sun!

Sailing Afar

Sailing Afar


Photography as Art

When I first started taking pictures a few years ago, I barely knew how to use my camera let alone photoshop.  I’m finding the more I get into taking pictures and viewing pictures, the more I realize how broad the opportunity for art is!

Purists of photography may not enjoy the type of image I’ve included below, but I’ve come to find out that the more tools you have in your drawer, the more opportunity there is to express yourself.  After all, it’s an art!  I’m still finding my way, but I really enjoy creating a vision that no one else has seen when standing at the location where the shot was taken.

I hope you enjoy!

The Lone Cypress