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Topaz Impression Update

Okay soo….all of a sudden the new Topaz Impression 2 runs on my computer.  I’m not sure what changed but it’s a relief that it’s working.  Yay!  I don’t think I’m going to have much more life in this 4-year old computer though.  The plug-ins and new photoshop rely more and more on graphics and my laptop integrates graphics processes on the CPU.   It may be time to upgrade in the near future to one that has a dedicated graphics card.

Anyway…for today I’m posting an image I created using the new Impression.  I really adore that they have masking in there now.  Yay!   I hardly ever apply a filter to the entire image so it’s nice that we can mask right there AND they’ve included a lot more blending modes plus a few new presets.  The other cool thing is that it does “real time” painting.  So when you brush over an area in a mask for instance, you see it as you paint.  It’s very neat!

I hope you all have a fantastic Sunday!  We are having beautiful weather here the day before our July 4th holiday.  I need to take some pics of flags tomorrow and I hope to take some fireworks.  I’m glad I’m in the east bay because we’ll be able to see our fireworks in the sky.  San Francisco will be fogged in once again on the 4th.  😦

Coastal in California - Muir Beach

Coastal in California – Muir Beach





“Nicely Seen”

Okay, so I have one last image from our trip to Stinson Beach.  (I can’t stop myself from posting these!!)

I’ve often posted the words “nicely seen” on people’s images because they aren’t straight up landscape shots or straight up portraits.  The angle, or the crop or something about the image makes it unique and different.

Sometimes I have a tendency to think about what’s out in the distance rather than what’s right in front of me….

Mirror, Mirror


At the Water’s Edge

Anyone who’s been following my blog knows I love the beach.  It’s a place I feel drawn to mostly because I’ve lived near a few all my life.  Some people might not know that in California the beaches vary drastically depending on which part of the state you’re in.  Southern California has beautiful beaches, don’t get me wrong, but I definitely prefer the beauty of the jagged rocky coast with sandy beaches tucked in between.

The other day I posted a sunset from Stinson Beach.   Here are some more from that day…