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One ringy dingy….

About eight years ago my hubby and I went to England for the marriage of his daughter to our now son-in-law.  They lived in a quaint town called Coggeshall in Essex.  I wish I had been into photography back then because the place where they had the wedding was amazing!

I wanted to purchase a little something from the town to bring home and display in my hutch where I keep small things we’ve purchased from places we’ve traveled.  Back then, the prices in England were outrageous as compared to the American dollar, so every time I picked something up, I’d remark that it was double what it would cost in the states.  That prevented me from doing much shopping which my hubby, I’m sure, was eternally grateful.  🙂

I did fancy this cute little English phone though.   I couldn’t resist.  It’s a tiny little box actually.  I should’ve taken a shot with it open, but it’s much prettier this way.

English Phone