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Complimentary Ladybug

Last evening I went into our yard with my trusty new Macro lens.  Wow I’m loving it!   The coneflower I posted here shows a small ladybug of some sort  I’ve never been much of a bug person but I have to admit I went out in search of one on a plant yesterday.  I doubt I’ll be posting close ups of spiders (eeeek!!!) but I think I can handle a ladybug.  🙂

With this image I’d also like to mention for those who are new to photography that the colors here are complimentary colors.  Well most of them anyway, lol.  The green and the purple (or magenta) are opposite each other on the color wheel.  I find the opposites work best especially for very colorful, pleasing images.  I’m sure that a trained artist could tell you more about this but I’ve found it helpful to check out the color wheel when I’m in doubt with which colors work well together.  I’ve included a color wheel at the bottom of the post in case you’re interested.

Insect on Flower Macro

Insect on Flower Macro

Color Wheel for Contrasting Colors

Color Wheel for Complimentary Colors