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I Think Therefore I Am

Do you ever wonder about that saying, “To think therefore I am?”  This phrase was first expressed in French by René Descartes, a 17th century French philosopher, as “je pense donc je suis”.  It’s much like picking up a camera for the first time and starting to take pictures over and over and trying to improve.  One focuses (no pun intended) on the art of photography learning to master the camera, how to see things and translate them into images or even to post process an image.  We are constantly thinking photography and therefore are becoming photographers.

In my social media existence I’ve seen people ask, “am I a photographer?” or “am I a real photographer?” or “am I good enough to be called a photographer?” and many iterations of the same question.  To me, if you are conveying your emotions through photography you ARE a photographer.  Putting a quantitative value on conveying emotions is impossible in my opinion, and after all…isn’t that what it’s all about?  We see something compelling and we want to share that feeling whatever it may be.

I think I’m a photographer….no wait, I AM a photographer!

Morning Glory

Morning Glory

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