Laura Macky Photography

Journey of a body on this earth


Being Unique

I think it’s so important to try and be unique.  For me, I spent a lifetime trying to fit in with everyone around me, but lately I’m realizing that to be myself is what’s most important because therein lies the truth.  It’s definitely hit or miss with making the connection with my inner self onto an image, but I can’t help but have fun trying!

What can I say?  I ADORED Yosemite at Christmas!

My apologies for being a bit vacant with my following right now.  I hope to get back to a regular pace today.



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Today I took my camera club to the Oakland Zoo.  It was the perfect day for it because there was complete cloud cover.  I love it when that happens.  No blown out highlights to deal with!  Here’s one of the images from today.  It feels good to get back behind the camera.

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