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One Photo Focus – May 2016 (original + my edit)

For those of you who don’t know this challenge, it consists of everyone editing the same photo taken by one person.  Below you’ll find my image as well as the original image provided by Julie Powell.  Thanks to Julie in more ways than one.  Not only did she provide this month’s image but I’m using her techniques for distortion she shared with us a few weeks ago plus an additional three of my own effects at the bottom of the list below.

Please check out Stacy’s blog when you have time to see everyone’s submissions.  It’s always fun to see everyone’s edits!

One Photo Focus - May

One Photo Focus May – Edit by Laura Macky

Original by Julie Powell

Original by Julie Powell


  • Opened image in Photoshop and applied a different color palette via Topaz Restyle
  • On the same layer select  Filter > Pixelate > Mezzotint, mode to “Medium Lines” then click ok
  • On same layer select Filter > Blur > Radial Blur with amount 100, Blur Method zoom, Quality best, then click ok
  • Repeated the radial blur 4 times
  • Create duplicate layer
  • On original layer, and select > Filter > Distort > Twirl > 200
  • On duplicate layer select > Filter > Distort > Twirl > -100 and change Blending Mode to Luminosity
  • Applied Gradient Map to the top layer for more color (naturally lol), reduced opacity & fill, and blending Mode to Multiply
  • Applied Emboss Layer to give the image depth
  • Applied blurring to edges and kept detail around the heart shape.

Well that was fun!