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Part 2 Don Charisma’s Paint Prompt

This is the second part of Don Charisma’s visual challenge.  I had to complete this otherwise it just wouldn’t have been right!   The challenge was to take our squiggle from yesterday and paint it.  This took me about 2 minutes.

Thanks for the fun challenge!  Glad I got it in before the end of my day.  🙂






Part 1 Don Charisma’s Prompt

I couldn’t resist partaking in this challenge via Don Charisma’s blog  He is so right that I’m a visual person.  Not much escapes these eyes when it comes to imagery!  The instructions were to take a black pen on white “paper” and just draw something.  I am no artist with a pen, that’s for sure, but the first thing that came to my mind was a dragon I drew as a kid.  I hadn’t thought of this in awhile, so it was kind of fun bringing it back to life.  Time spent…about 2 minutes and done on my laptop trackpad.

Thanks for the fun challenge!