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California Spring!

Spring has sprung in the Bay Area!

A couple weeks ago my husband and I took a drive out in the east bay hills and it was velvet green everywhere…mustard grass and lavender adorning the hills.  Winter and spring are the seasons for green here in my beautiful state.  In the summer and fall, California is brown and is why it’s called “The Golden State”.  The green doesn’t last too long around here either so these precious views are something to enjoy while they last…and especially now because we are in a severe drought.  In the meantime…enjoy the velvet!


Green Hills of the East Bay

Green Hills of the East Bay




Sunset Evening

What is going on here in California?  We’ve had some good storms but still not nearly enough to pull California out of its drought situation.  Flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, I have a suntan and it was in the mid-70’s the other day.  This is crazy!

In the meantime, I enjoyed a beautiful evening.   🙂




Is the drought over????

With all the rain here in the bay area I haven’t been out to take pictures lately and hope to get out sometime in the next day when it starts to dry out although the pattern looks very wet for the next week except for tomorrow.   It has been unreal here!  The lake out our backyard has overflowed, our window was leaking yesterday and there have been road closures, floods, and mudslides throughout the Bay Area.  We went from dry as a bone to needing a canoe to go to the store, lol.

Yesterday when we were on the freeway on our way to see my dad for his birthday, I shot this with my iPhone.  That’s all I got folks!  Hopefully new pictures will be coming soon.

I’m not complaining though.  One day does not rectify years of a drought here, so bring it on!

Kicking up the Rain

Kicking up the Rain