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Cattle Egret

Here’s another photo from the zoo.  This time it’s a Cattle Egret.  I actually shot this through a fence but was able to make the fence disappear in photoshop.  A little dash of this and that and magically it disappears.  Ssshhh….it’s an ancient secret.  😛

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Today I took my camera club to the Oakland Zoo.  It was the perfect day for it because there was complete cloud cover.  I love it when that happens.  No blown out highlights to deal with!  Here’s one of the images from today.  It feels good to get back behind the camera.

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Getting to Know – Robyn’s Fine Arts Journal

I’ve seen others here do introductions to photographers they enjoy, so I thought I might do this once in awhile as well.  I learn so much from others here, the way they work, and the images they create.  It really is a wonderful place to expand on the hobby we all love so much.

Lately I’ve been enjoying the closer shots and finding out how they’re done, so I thought I’d introduce you to Robyn’s Fine Arts Journal blog.  I really think Robyn has a great eye and I love the exchanges we have in our blogs too.  🙂  To me, that’s what makes Word Press a special place…the friends we meet along the way.  Being the curious sort, I asked her a few questions and she graciously answered, so I put the interview here for you along with a gallery of her images.   To me, her images have a dreamy quality with a lot of depth, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Interview with Robyn from Robyn’s Fine Arts Journal:

1)  How long have you been taking photos and what inspired you to start photography?

My photographic journey began in 2011 when I enrolled in a Visual Arts course.  Part of this course included Fine Art darkroom photography. (Prior to this I took many snapshots from my teenage years, onwards).  Soon after starting this course I realised that I loved taking photos and learning the technical side – and it quickly became something I am very passionate about.  Photography challenges me and satisfies both the creative and technical aspects of who I am and I’m still learning. I love that!

2)  What do you try to convey with your photography, either in style or emotion?

This is a very good question 🙂  ..and one that I think changes a little at times along the way, as I evolve as an artist.  At the core though, my hope is to convey ‘Beauty and wonder’…and on occasion I like to include a bit of fun or a touch of quirkiness.  It’s the way I want to see the world.  I want to capture images that draw my viewer in and make them look twice.  Quite often my subjects are every day and ordinary things, captured in a different way or light..even to the point of abstraction.  I want to make memories.

3)  What camera do you use, what’s your favourite lens and what post processing software do you use?

Camera:  Since 2011, I have been using a Nikon D90 and now as of approximately 2-3 weeks ago, I am using a Nikon D7100 …and loving it!  Lens: My favourite lens is definitely my 50mm! I find it so versatile.  Software:  Initially, I started out post processing with GIMP which is open source software.  Once I moved to processing RAW files, I trialed some different software packages to see what suited me best.  I now work between Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop.  Laura also asked me if these images are macros or close-ups and which lenses I used.  For these images, I have used my 28mm and 50mm lenses. Some of the 50mm images also use an added macro lens.  I like to try different things and so I’m happy to experiment towards different outcomes.

4) Tell us a fun fact about yourself that has nothing to do with photography, but you’d like people to know.

Mmm, a fun fact… or maybe two 🙂  Ok, I love to fly!! No, I don’t have wings 🙂  I just love aeroplanes and flying… and I’m happy to be a passenger.  Oh and… I love a coffee to start my day.


Thanks so much to Laura for the opportunity to share my photographic passions with you and a couple of fun facts. With each passing day, I hope to take a better photo and learn something new!