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Hayward Japanese Tea Garden

I took my camera club to the Hayward Japanese Tea Garden a couple days ago.  What’s funny is that I thought this garden should’ve had flowers but found out later that traditional Japanese tea gardens are all about the bonzai not the flowers.  Once I figured that out, I knew I’d be looking for patterns and colors of the foliage.  It was an amazing place actually.  I’ve been around the bay area all my life and I never knew this place existed.

I think everyone had a lot of fun judging by the amount of photos that were uploaded into the club’s website.  Here are a couple from that day.  I’ll post more later in the week.





I’ve Fallen for Fall :)

I’m really enjoying the fall season this year.  Usually we have a week or two of fall and then we’re right into winter, so there’s not much opportunity to enjoy the colors.  We are in dire need rain here in California, but while we all pray for some rain, I’m enjoying the fall colors.


Autumn Theater

A drive to our local park proved to be a theatrical event!  At least through my viewfinder it was.  This shot was done in LR and no Photoshop was used.  I think this is my equivalent of saying “The objects in this mirror are closer than they appear.”  😀

Autumn Theater

Autumn Theater