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Classic Car Time

Not that I know much about classic cars, but I do love looking at them.  There’s a museum near us called The Blackhawk Museum where we took some visiting relatives the other day.  The museum was founded by Ken Behring, who used to own the Seattle Seahawks, and it has an amazing collection of classic cars.

This car is a Ford GT40, driven in the 24H of LeMans by Sutcliffe and Spoerry, 1966.  Kinda cool eh?

I processed it in Nik HDR and then Nik Color Efex with a splash of Photoshop CC here and there.  I really didn’t want to overdo it but wanted to make everything stand out a bit more.  FYI…this was bracketed on my camera and THEN processed as an HDR.  Just to clarify. 🙂

Classic Car at Blackhawk Museum

Classic Car at Blackhawk Museum