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This is the last photo I have from my Fort Baker photoshoot a few weeks ago.  There’s a little marina at Fort Baker so I walked around a little bit to see what I could get.  What a great place to have a boat!  Right at the foot of the Golden Gate.  Nice!!



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Golden Gate from Fort Baker

This morning my camera club (and my buddy Dan Shehan) and I met up at Fort Baker for some photos.  Nothing like getting up before the crack of dawn.  🙂   The best part of going somewhere early around the Bay Area is that there no traffic at that time.  Ahhh…such a luxury!

So far I’ve only processed this one photo but I thought I’d go ahead and post it anyway.  You know how I like to dribble them out over several posts lol.

Here is some info about Fort Baker….Fort Baker is one of the components of California’s Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The Fort, which borders the City of Sausalito in Marin County and is connected to San Francisco by the Golden Gate Bridge, served as an Army post until the mid-1990s, when the headquarters of the 91st Division moved to Parks Reserve Forces Training Area. It is located opposite Fort Point at the entrance to the San Francisco Bay.

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SF Skyline

This was taken from Fort Baker on the North side of the Golden Gate Bridge looking south at the SF skyline.  You can see the Bay Bridge off to the left and Coit Tower to the right of it.  To the right of Coit Tower you can see the Transamerica Pyramid.

This was a long exposure at 90 seconds.  For this image I really didn’t do too much although it might look it.  I added some contrast, the overall blueish tone and one gradient.


SF Skyline

SF Skyline