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Alaska Memories


This was taken in the Tracy Arm, Alaska last year.  The glacier there is quite large like everything in Alaska.  We were lucky to hear and see pieces of the glacier fall into the bay.  What an incredible place!!   It’s another image I reworked.  I’m really noticing that I don’t like my older images.  lol.  Maybe I can rework some old ones while I recover.   🙂


Tracy Arm, Alaska

Tracy Arm, Alaska


Waves Good-Bye to Alaska

Well, the time has come to close out the Alaska chapter in my life.  sighs.  It was a wonderful trip, but I have pictures to oogle over when I want to remember!

Time to focus on our upcoming trip to Carmel.  It’s actually my husband’s business trip which makes it my camera time!

houses-web     Life in Sitka, Alaska

boat-web   Boat on the Water

umstarfish-web   Starfish (Sunflower Seastar)

Bye Alaska!  It’s been fun!


More Alaska Anyone???

I’m winding down on the Alaska photos!  I just can’t seem to get enough of Alaskan skies.  Here in California, we don’t usually get too much inclement weather this time of year.  It’s usually one of two things:  sunny or foggy.  🙂   So I was in heaven with the clouds since we usually get pretty clouds mostly in the springtime.

This is coming just in time because in early September I will be in another heavenly place on earth…Carmel, California!

Alaskan Clouds

Late Afternoon Sun

Alaskan Sky