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Social Media Overload!


When will it end?  LOL!  I think I’m more plugged in than all our outlets in our house!  While I’m waiting for smugmug to shed some light on this community forum issue, I’ve been busy in Google+.  I never thought I’d get to the point of joining, but I wanted to test it out as an alternative to smugmug.

My initial testing has found out that while there are many groups and ways to share photos, the comments are not as in depth and I don’t quite have the sense of community as I did in smugmug.  And I miss my fellow smuggers!  Google+ definitely has a speedier feel to it whereas smugmug felt intimate with the comments received and given.  Also, it does not have the same slick feel to the layout.

But, since I’m there, what the heck.  I’ll post things there too.  So, in case you are curious, here is yet another link!

So lessee, between my wordpress blog here, facebook, smugmug (yes I still maintain that site for now), my own personal website, and other forums I post in…I am on social media overload!  Now, if I can just keep up with the correspondence!  🙂   But have no fear, somehow I do.




Smugmug Ugh

Well, I’ve been sitting here working on my new smugmug site and I got it to a point where it’s almost fully functional.  Unfortunately, there is still the loss of the smugmug communities which is completely ridiculous.  I will wait to see if they reinstate them and if not then I’ll add my photos onto my regular website  ( and delete smugmug.  No reason to pay someone else to host my photos if there is no sense of community there.

Here’s the new website such as it is.  The search box still doesn’t work but I don’t have time to fiddle with it today.  My good friend Jacque designed my new logo and I have business cards on the way that she designed as well using my own picture on it.  Thanks, Jacque!  You’re the best!

LM card_Final

As far as the knee goes, that’s the least of my worries these days with these smugmug issues, LOL.  Actually, it’s been feeling really awesome.  I’ve given it a rest from working out because I want it to feel good for our upcoming Alaska trip.  And boy, I cannot WAIT to take photos!  Hopefully posting them on smugmug won’t be a hassle.  🙂


Persevere always!

Well, once again I trotted myself out the door and was drawn to a building in my city to take a photo.  I decided to wear my old hiking boots to see if they would be comfortable for our upcoming trip to Alaska.  Nothing like wearing hiking boots in a downtown.  You never know what buildings I might have to scale!  😉

Architecture has always been something I’ve admired in photographs but have limited experience trying to capture images of it.  What I do now for all shots is first look around the area for the best light and try to see what catches my eye.  I then look through the viewfinder and check all the edges of what I see, applying the rule of thirds or golden spiral or whatever photography method feels right to me for the shot.  You can read about this here:

Personally, I always have my viewfinder grid on because it provides me with straighter shots and more well-composed shots and I find myself doing less cropping and straightening in post processing.  I found it quite challenging how to present so many angles in one shot, but once I saw this area of the building I thought I might’ve captured something.  You can be the judge yourself.

Perseverance is something I’ve talked about before as it related to my knee replacement recovery and I find it a useful thing to think about with my photography.  Learning how to control my camera technically is giving me much better shots and even though I am still in the infancy stages, every day I learn something new!  I love the journey.

Picture of the Day:  Taken with my new 35mm f/1.8 lens.  I love this lens!  I challenged myself to use only this lens for those AT&T Park shots in a previous post and I got a good feel for it.