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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

This is my last Golden Gate image….for awhile lol.   You know how I love this bridge!

I’m a day early with my holiday wishes, but I wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, to those who celebrate it, while I take a break for the holiday.   I might pop on to check your posts but won’t be posting anything new for at least a week.   So enjoy that turkey and cranberries!  See you soon!

Drama at the Gate

Drama at the Gate



Sometimes She’s Bold

Woah…I posted this at first without text…inadvertently.  I’m having some WP issues today!

I did want to say that this image was taken from Fort Baker on the northern side of the Golden Gate Bridge.  The light was awful if you can believe it. The bridge was almost silhouetted!   Just goes to show what Photoshop can do on a RAW image.

Here I was experimenting with blending modes and selections, so this is what I ended up with!

She's Bold

She’s Bold


Muir Beach – Heaven

Taking a break from Mare Island, the other day we drove to Muir Beach to spend a couple hours enjoying the surf.  Heading north on Highway 101 north of the Golden Gate Bridge is the small “town” of Muir Beach.  It’s comprised of around 150 homes of mainly full-time occupants, who are lucky enough to enjoy the 2 beaches (Stinson Beach and Muir Beach), the surrounding Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Mt. Tamalpais, and nearby Muir Woods National Monument.  This beautiful area is full of wildlife: Monarch butterflies in the pine trees, salmon in Redwood Creek, frogs in the pasture, fox, birds, deer, and coyote.

We spent a few hours walking around and laying down on the sand to hear the surf.  Ahh….I love our coast which on the perfect day can be pleasantly warm with fog slowly dissipating from the morning sky.

Muir Beach - Fog

Muir Beach – Fog