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New Back Deck!

It has arrived!  Here is our new view from our new location.  This is a zoomed in view, but we actually have a 180 degree view.  It’s spectacular!  We are getting settled and I’m enjoying it very much.  Wait…that’s not quite true….I’ve had a cold for almost two weeks so I’ve been enjoying having my husband nurse me back to health, lol.

Soon I think I’ll take a pano shot but for now, here it is……..

New Back Deck



Ahhhhhh, that feels goooood….

Nothing like a little rest to make the new knee feel good as new.  😀   I really needed to give it a break.  I’ve noticed that there are three things that make my TKR feel better.

  1. A good night’s sleep – If I don’t sleep well my knee doesn’t feel as good the next day.  I battle insomnia, so I don’t always get a restful sleep, but when I do…omg, what a difference!  This morning it feels really, REALLY good!
  2. Sensible shoes – LOL.  Yes, the dreaded gym shoes make my knee feel so much better.  I’m trying to gear up for our Alaska trip, so I’m wearing my gym shoes more often during the day and the cute shoes when I leave the house.
  3. My exercises – I still need to perform the leg straightening exercise every day.  If I don’t do that, I notice the muscles and tendons in the back of my leg start to tighten.  It’s not as bad as it was prior TKR, but still.  I keep hearing my PT say…”do these for an entire year and don’t forget them!”  Yeah, yeah, ok…I’m hearing you!
  4. And why is it that in wordpress I can’t put a space after each enumerated item here!  Grrr.  lol

Yesterday I shopped for clothes for the Alaska cruise, and it was really enjoyable not to be struggling with my knees as I was doing so!  Yay!

Pictures of the Day – Top is the ceiling fan.  I tried to not show too much blur and also not stop action.  I got it right where I wanted it!   Bottom is a flax plant.



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Happy Monday!

Okay, so it’s Monday and the day after Phil Mickelson won the British Open!   Yay!  I’ve always loved Phil.  He’s a class act and I couldn’t be happier for him.  He is so gracious with his fans.  Did anyone see where on his way to the 18th tee yesterday to possibly win one of the most important tournaments of his life, he gave a little kid a golf ball?  Who does that????  PHIL, that’s who!

Phil Mickelson

Today we are going to see the scariest movie ever, The Conjuring, according to a friend of mine, Teri.  We’re seeing it in the daytime, so hopefully by this evening the extreme scary feeling will wear off.  Just in case we have a solar eclipse and it gets dark, I will have keys in hand in approaching our front door!  I don’t want to be left in the dark after seeing this movie.  lol

Yesterday I worked out at the gym and it felt great!  I’m not in the spin class quite yet, though.  I was almost there a few days ago, but it didn’t work out.  I’ll get there soon.  I felt I was pushing it a bit too hard previously, and I couldn’t recover from the perpetual soreness I was feeling.  Regrouping, I decided to back off a bit from my workouts by reducing the time.  I feel good today though after a 45 minute workout yesterday.  Hurray!

Hope everyone has a good Monday!


Picture of the Day:  Reflection in the marsh.