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Journey of a body on this earth



So I wake up this morning, get my coffee and open my WordPress Reader.  I love checking everyone’s blogs to see what’s going on, what new photographs I might see, what will make me ponder or what will make me laugh.  This morning one of my fellow bloggers CRACKED ME UP!   The topic was awards.  I had to post a link here just because I think he’s that clever and funny.

First, I’m honored to be listed on his nomination page…I’d like to thank all the little people who made that happen, LOL.  Ummmm…being funny here!   Thank you, Don, for the nomination!   I will say, though, I’m not following through on all the directions just because I am THAT lazy.  So I guess I’m not “NOT Featured on Freshly Pressed”…well maybe I am but just a little, lol.  Maybe I should create a “THAT Lazy Award Nominee” Award, haha.  It would fit me perfectly!  I put all my nominations on my nomination page, just because THAT Lazy Award would be perfect for me!

Some of you will know who this blogger is and if you don’t, you should!